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Building Chatbots Hard Way

Integration of ML, NLP using RASA NLU

What is RASA NLU?

  • Rasa NLU is an open-source NLP library for intent classification and entity extraction in chatbots.

Why Should I use RASA NLU?

  • It is actively maintained and good community support.
  • Our sensitive data wouldn’t be shared with any third party.
  • To answer user queries no API calls are needed so no worries of third party server down.
  • With Rasa NLU we can experiment with which ML algorithm works best for our dataset rather than depending on a fixed algorithm.

Features of RASA NLU

  • Extract meaning from messages
  • Hold complex conversations
  • Interactive learning
  • Run your assistant on Slack, Facebook, Google Home, IVR, custom channels, and more
  • Integrate knowledge bases, content management systems, and CRMs.
  • Leverage conversation-driven development
  • Integrate with automated testing and CI/CD.
  • Ready-to-deploy Docker containers and orchestration.


  • Test, ship, and improve virtual assistants with Rasa X
  • Rasa X is a toolset that layers on top of Rasa Open Source, making it easy to build and improve virtual assistants.
  • Review conversations
  • Data Annotation
  • Analyse performance
  • Create robust test cases

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