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What are egocentric videos?

The meaning of egocentric according to oxford dictionary is something similar ‘self-centered’ or ‘self-interested’.

In the stream of computer vision egocentric video is recorded from first person’s point of view. It means when a camera is tied with the body front and it is able to record activity happening in front of the user, that kind of video is called egocentric video. Some examples are : a camera tied on user’s cap will record front activity, his hand movements, activity happening in front of the person, a video is recorded using a mobile being kept in the pocket of the user/first person.

The Univ. of Texas at Austin Egocentric (UT Ego) Dateset contains 4 videos captured from head-mounted cameras.  Each video is about 3-5 hours long, captured in a natural, uncontrolled setting. A Looxcie wearable camera, is used to capture video at 15 fps at 320 x 480 resolution. An sample video is:

UT Egocentric (UT Ego) Dataset Sample

The link to download the complete dateset is :

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